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Success stories from our patients..!

I had intermittent chest pain and , I was taking medicines for the prevention of heart disease since last two years. One doctor suggested angiography. I have to take medicines for the acidity due to these medicines. I was tired of taking these medicines. I consulted Dr Mahesh, as one of my friend suggested. He suggested ecg and echocariography, both were normal. He asked me to stop all the medicines, I did that; and now I am perfectly alright.


My father was admitted at local nursing home with heart attack. Dr Mahesh came to see personally, evaluated him. He explained about the heart condition and what needs to be done for the same so nicely, that we just got rid of our all tensions. He did his angiogarphy and angioplasty for the same at Fortis Hospital. He was very supportive during each and every step of his hospital stay.Explained each and everything on follow up.Now he is absolutely fine.

Rupesh S

My mom was admitted with heart attack. Dr Mahesh came to see her personally. Adviced some injections to dissolve blood clot. Then he has done angiography. And by gods blessings, majority of blood clot gone. My mom did not need stents and angioplasty. very genuine and sincere advice. Thanks doctor for timely help and avoiding angioplasty.


Minimum medicine and maximum effect. I went to him for Blood pressure problem. After hearing patiently, he suggested just one tablet to me instead of my earlier three tablets. And it works for me. My blood pressure is more stable than before. Thank you Doctor.

Rajendra J Sakpal

Respected doctor, thanks for your valuable opinion. I am feeling much better with your medicines and my breathlessness decreased about 80% within a week period. I was suffering from this complaint since last one year and went to many doctors. Thanks again. I wish many other needy people will benefit from your expert treatment.

Ashwini Sangma

Very sincere advice, most helpful. he has done angioplasty for my patient. Very good result, excellent person. One should visit him for any heart problem.

Akash Kadam

Experience was great and doctor is so polite and friendly and he keep me comfortable during the entire process of echo.

My mom got admitted in terna at midnight due to chest pain. Dr. Mahesh ghogre were treating her. He guided me so well throughout the treatment and did angiography. And came to knw abt blockages in arteries. Further he helped me to get my moms bipass surgery done. Really appreciate. I m really thankful to him.

Fast treatment of Doctor Mahesh Goghere,Cardialogist in TERNA SPECIALITY HOSPITAL,opzt to Nerul Railway station,Navi Mumbai has helped my son kiran for fast restoration to Normal condition within no time he installed pace maker and saved his can trust Dr Mahesh for any type of Cardio disorders to achive 100%success y.s.n.patro from Hyderabad.

He was very helpful to us. During my treatment he has given all the best support whatever he can do. We are very happy with his treatment. I will always suggest this doctors to all my friends and family. Thanks doctor for saving my life.

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